Feedback from Language of Mental Health Participants

Thank you so much for joining my team and I for the Language of Mental Health: Powerful Ways to Connect webinar on Tuesday evening. Your active participation and engagement was just awesome – obviously an important topic on every body’s mind! 

As I mentioned, we would so love to hear any feedback you have from the session itself so if you would answer the questions below, that would be amazing. As beta testers of this material, your feedback will definitely be incorporated into the final module which will be live on our Mental Health in Minutes marketplace on Monday, May 3rd.

Thank you again for all your support and we look forward to having you join our next beta test webinar, all about Deep Work and Finding Flow in the Workplace, on Tuesday, May 25th. Details to follow on LinkedIn, Facebook and email so watch for that!

Now…onto the questions 🤩

Selected Value: 3

Inside the Language of Mental Health module, you will receive:

  • Theme sheet
  • 60-minute presentation
    1. The Language of Mental Health: Powerful Ways to Connect
  • 4 x 15-minute presentations
    1. What Employers Can Do
    2. Reduce Stigma
    3. Myth vs Fact
    4. Person-First Language
  • 5 x 5-minute presentations
    1. Respect at Work
    2. Media Effects on Mental Health
    3.  Location, Location, Location
    4.  Encouraging Others
    5. Stop Saying This
    6. Where to Get Help (BONUS)
  • PowerPoint and PDF versions of all presentations
  • Speaker’s Notes for all presentations
  • Email template to invite Employees to your training
  • Additional discussion questions and blog posts to complement the topic