When you don't have enough

Time, Energy, or care left to give

(It doesn't have to be this way!)

We can help with a live, virtual or in-person workshop

Burnout is different than stress...

It's when you go from too much to not having enough.

We talk a lot about stress. 

From our stress levels to the things we’re going to do to combat stress and bring it down to manageable levels. But what happens when high stress continues for a prolonged period of time?

The answer is burnout.

Burnout is when you move from feeling like it’s all too much, and cross over into feeling like you don’t have enough – not enough time, energy, motivation or desire to get it all done.

We recognize the feelings – loss of motivation, low energy, ever-constant irritation, and maybe even headaches, stomach issues or other mysterious physical symptoms that don’t seem to have a cause.

These are symptoms of burnout and research suggests that more than 70% of us are feeling this way right now.

But it doesn’t have to be!


You can definitely come back from the edge...

Stopping the slide into burnout is totally doable - I'll show you how.


It’s not enough to remove the Stressors in your life and think that will remove the stress. Stress is your body’s chemical reaction to the Stressors and can only be reversed by closing the Stress Cycle. 

You can stop the slide into burnout and move towards a future better than today by leveraging the science of Positive Psychology and hope.

In this LIVE, virtual or in-person, workshop you and your team will learn to identify the signs of burnout in yourselves and others, put into action the evidence-based strategies and tactics to reverse feelings of overwhelm and languishing and activate the Hope Circuit in your brain for a better future.


In From Burnout to Hope: Build Resilience and Positive Impact, you will learn:

  • The difference between Stress & Burnout
  • To identify your current level of Burnout
  • The strategies to prevent (and recover from!) the slide into Burnout including an introduction to the Science of Hope as a tool to take action towards a future better than today


From Burnout to Hope...

Live (virtual or in-person), one-hour wellness workshop designed to stop the slide into burnout and move you and your team towards a future better than today.

One Workshop

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$ 1,650 Once
  • Introduction to Burnout and the Science of Hope

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